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Masks are required inside all of our care facilities. We are vaccinating all eligible patients. Learn more:

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Guidelines for Patients During COVID-19

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Get Back to Health Safely

Welcome back!
If you have not been to one of our care facilities for a while, you will notice a few changes since your last visit. Please review this page to learn about the extra safety measures we have in place and the steps we ask you to take so we can more safely care for our patients and monitor COVID-19 in our communities.


Before Your Visit

  • We continually review our safety steps as we monitor COVID-19 in our area. We encourage you to arrive early to allow extra time for some of our new guidelines.

    Here is what we require of all patients, visitors and staff, even if fully vaccinated:

    Wear a face mask at all times.

    Masks are required for everyone age 2 and up when you are inside our care facilities, even if you are fully vaccinated. A mask will be provided for you if you need one.

    The following face coverings are not allowed: bandanas, gaiters, masks with exhalation valves, or clear shield-like face masks.

    Our staff members may wear additional personal protective equipment, depending on the care they are providing.

    Practice physical distancing of at least 6 feet.

    We have measures in place throughout our care facilities to allow physical distancing, except when you are getting medical care.

    Wash hands or use hand sanitizer frequently.

    You will find hand sanitizer stations throughout our care facilities, including at the building entrance and in clinical care areas. Your practitioners will sanitize their hands before and after caring for you.

    Complete your COVID-19 screening before you visit.

    We screen for COVID-19 several times before an in-person appointment. Make your visit go faster by completing our COVID-19 screening before your appointment. Fill out this form, use the link in the text message you receive the day before your appointment or snap a photo of the QR code on your way inside the building to get your approved visitor pass. Show your pass when you arrive and wear your mask, even if you have been vaccinated.

    If you have not completed the electronic-based self-screening, you will be screened in person when you arrive at your appointment.

    Anyone suspected of having COVID-19 during our screening is not allowed to enter, and we provide appropriate COVID-19 care and testing instructions.

  • When you schedule an appointment, procedure or surgery, you will be told whether you need to have a COVID-19 test. If you are uncertain, please be sure to ask.

    Unless you show signs of COVID-19, in general, a COVID-19 test is not needed for:

    • Regular office visits
    • Procedures and surgeries performed at our care settings outside of hospitals (ambulatory surgery centers)

    COVID-19 tests are required for some procedures at hospitals (including ones requiring deep sedation or general anesthesia) and when an overnight hospital stay is required.

    We are continually reviewing our COVID-19 testing requirements, including the role of vaccination, and will make further adjustments as it is safe to do so.

  • Using MyChart, you can digitally check in seven days before your appointment. You can also call your practitioner’s office in advance to check in. We strongly suggest one of these methods so we spend more time on your care during your appointment.

  • As we reopen our in-person care, we are doing everything possible to ensure a safe and efficient visit for you. This includes using telemedicine or other communication to enhance your safety. Johns Hopkins Medicine is taking significant measures to reduce exposure to COVID-19; however, as in any community or public setting, an exposure risk remains. It is important that you recognize these matters before your care. When you check in for your appointment, we will ask you to sign an acknowledgement form.


If you plan to have someone accompany you to your appointment or visit you in the hospital, check our visitor guidelines before coming to our care facilities. The guidelines may change as we monitor COVID-19 in our communities.


COVID-19 Tests and Vaccinations

COVID-19 Tests

If you are a Johns Hopkins Medicine patient and think you may have COVID-19, please contact your primary care provider. If your physician refers you to Johns Hopkins for testing, the testing team will follow up with you by phone.

Learn more about our testing locations and care.

If you are not a Johns Hopkins Medicine patient and think you may have COVID-19, your state or local government will have more details about testing. For Maryland residents, please visit COVID-19 Testing in Maryland.

If you have a surgery or procedure scheduled at any of our care facilities, please review the section above, Appointments That Require COVID-19 Testing, to see if you need to get tested beforehand.

COVID-19 Vaccines

We encourage COVID-19 vaccines for anyone who is eligible to be vaccinated. Learn how you can get a vaccine from Johns Hopkins Medicine or other resources.


Screening and Vaccinations for Johns Hopkins Medicine Staff

All staff members at Johns Hopkins Medicine answer COVID-19 screening questions every day and attest that they do not have symptoms consistent with possible COVID-19 infection. Anyone who reports symptoms is instructed to leave work immediately and report those symptoms to Johns Hopkins Medicine Occupational Health Services so they can be evaluated and tested for COVID-19 if needed. Employees are not allowed to work if they have symptoms, and they must be cleared by Occupational Health Services before returning to work.

In addition, Johns Hopkins Medicine is taking an essential step in protecting the health of patients, staff members and the surrounding community with a new policy requiring clinical and nonclinical personnel to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Sept. 1, 2021.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Email Alerts

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